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Founded and Directed by Dentists (DDS) 


Medical and Dental Practice Services

Revenue Cycle Management to include Medical & Dental coding & billing 


Cash Posting 


Accounts Receivable Management 


Certified Revenue Cycle Analysis & Practice Compliance Analysis.


Verification Patient Eligibility


Insurance Credentialing

Medical and Dental Insurance Consulting



Negotiation of Contracted Medical & Dental Insurance Fees


Insurance Fees Assessment


In office Patient Collection Analysis


Certified Revenue Assessment / Audit 

Medical and Dental Practice Consulting

End-to-End Managed Services make it easy for you to run your practice. 



Management and Administrative Staff Training 


Customer Service Training  


Our consulting services will prepare your practice for proper procedure and guidelines for full compliance with all standards, including HIPAA, the U.S Department of HHS Office of the Inspector General guidance and regulations. 



LSI Medical Billing & Financial Consultants LLC is committed to creating customized solutions to help healthcare professionals overcome their financial and operational challenges



Hi, I'm Dr. Liliana Suarez, the founder, and director of LSI Medical Billing & Financial Consultants LLC. I'm a General Dentist with a Master in Epidemiology.

Soon in my career, I realized that no matter how excellent a healthcare provider is, if they don't count with a well established administration their practice is destined to close and along with the practice, the healthcare provider's passion for their careers and their desire to treat patients. Is a lost-lost situation for the providers and the society in general. As healthcare provider and epidemiologist,  I sees also the closing of the healthcare practices as a potential public healthcare problem. For these reasons, I committed to use my analytical and organizational skills to help healthcare providers to establish processes and procedures in their practices to ensure the revenue cycle works like clock and allow the providers to focus on their patients.



LSI Medical Billing & Financial Consultants bases its practice on the principles of hard work, dedication, and client relationships.  Our work is supported by 27 years of experience in medical and dental billing, patients collection, and embezzlement detectionthat’s why we get excellent results!!!  We offer support to healthcare professionals, dealing with an increasing number of financially challenging situations in the current—and constantly changing—healthcare industry. 

Complimentary Service 

No Set Up Fee and Month to Month Contract


  • Monthly Assessments of Insurance Revenue


  • Performance Risk Assessment by CPA and CFE


  • No Deposit Required


  • Month to Month Service Agreement


  • One to One monthly Consulting Meeting




Commitment to Oustanding Services


LSI Medical Billing & Financial Consultants are constantly offering professional educational to our employees  



Information Safety is the Top Priority for Us


LSI Medical Billing & Financial Consultants personnel is committed to safety.


We network in compliance with HIPAA 

LSI Medical Billing employees are subject to a routinary background, polygraphs and personal investigation. 

Our Accountants Are certified to:

Medical-Dental Billers are AffiliateD to:



Dr. David M. Kaminsky, M.S,D.C,F.I.C.P.A

..."LSI Medical Billing & Financial Consultants personnel has established "best practices" for my office utilizing all of our software's abilities as well as teaching others staff members, how to do their day to day jobs better and all the sake of profitability while maintaining our professional integrity

Dr. K Smith

.."it is my belief that the billing aspect is the final bookend to patient having to deal with insurance companies in a way that I could never do myself. For us LSI Medical Billing & Financial Consultants has to work with both medical and dental insurance company, which is extremely complex..."  ..."LSI Medical Billing & Financial Consultants personnel are of exceptional integrity, kindness, and professionalism. People like this do not came along often.

Mr. Steve S. 

..."My claim was processed super fast and all my questions answered in a timely manner. Very professional and awesome customer service."


We have helped countless medical and dental offices reach their goals.    

                                      You could be next  



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